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AttentionHealth, Fitness, and Nutrition Coaches

Become An In Demand Coach Who Solves Complex Problems, RetainS Clients 4 Times Longer, All While Doubling Your Rates…

Learn how to bridge the gap between Macros, Metabolism, and Functional Medicine
And do it without spending countless hours on every client program and check-in…
Simply by using the tools, methods, and frameworks provided in FNMS

​Get the same proven methods, systems, and frameworks that top nutrition coaches rely on to confidently get every client better results in less time.

In FNMS, my team and I will personally mentor you and provide the blueprint to become an expert coach who keeps a full roster of clients.

That means you’ll have clients lined up and waiting to work with you based on your unique expertise in hormones, metabolism, and gut health.

With the FNMS frameworks, you’ll be able to retain clients for 8+ months by getting every client better results in less time.

You’ll develop a reputation as the coach who can solve complex client cases, and have new clients chasing you down for help.

Even with a full roster of clients, you’ll be able to save hours on check-ins and client programs every week with these systems.

And as an in-demand specialist coach, you’ll be able to double or triple your prices without price objections.

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Whats inside

Inside FNMS you’ll get support, feedback, and hands-on teaching that is unmatched in any mentorship or certification. 


My team and I are in the private community multiple times a day answering questions and supporting students.


Every week we have Q&A zoom calls where we get into the trenches of your business, and help you solve tough client cases.


There’s also ongoing check-ins with a student success coach to ensure you stay on track, and can implement what you’re learning.

My Special Guarantee

If you can’t solve a tough client case then my team and I will personally create the program with you until it works.

In fact — just for applying to FNMS I have a special gift for you:

I’ll send you a complimentary workshop, product, or class most relevant to where you are struggling…even if you don’t sign up for the program.

To all online fitness and nutrition coaches,

The reason you struggle to get your clients better results, and grow your business all comes down to one thing.

And it has nothing to do with…

Taking another online self study nutrition program or seminar…

Trying to pump out more social media content…

Using a new marketing trick, or sales call tactic…

Or joining a mastermind for your coaching business…

And the reality is…

It’s because you’re a GENERALIST not a SPECIALIST which is exactly what FNMS will help you become.

Becoming a specialist is hard when you don’t have a blueprint to follow or anyone showing you exactly how to do it.

Which is why you might be…

Losing confidence by constantly guessing what to do when macros, food quality, and elimination diets stop working…

Dreading client check-ins because you can feel the “I need to take
A break from coaching” email coming…

Thinking the answer is to build a “funnel”, pump out tons of content
or use a new sales strategy…

And reluctantly, you end up giving discounts on coaching because you need a few extra clients this month to make up for the ones you lost…

But today, that’s all about to change.

Think of it this way…

If you need reconstructive surgery for your knee…

Would you rather work with an expert surgeon who specializes in knee surgeries and has done hundreds of them but is more expensive…

Or would you choose a general surgeon who’s only done a few knee surgeries in his life but is much cheaper?

If you value walking without a limp or pain, we all know the answer.

This same idea applies to how potential clients look at you as a generalist or specialist coach too.

So why does this matter?

Because the online coaching space is getting more crowded every year making it harder to stand out and get clients for the generalist…

Look, it’s no secret that everything has moved online, just look around you the past few years…

Gym memberships are down, and the online nutrition coaching space is growing every single year.

But what’s skyrocketing more than just nutrition coaching is functional and integrative health.

Functional and integrative health has grown 6 fold in the last 8 years, and in the last 12 months it’s gone supersonic…

This means now is the perfect time for you to make the transition to becoming a specialist too.

Becoming a specialist is where you’ll find the most clients, fulfillment, and income by truly helping clients get better results.

This means for coaches like YOU who choose to stay a generalist, the struggle to get clients and grow your business will only get worse each year…

There’s nothing wrong with staying a generalist if that’s what you want to do, but the truth is generalists are a dime a dozen and on their way out…

If nothing about your coaching feels unique and different from other coaches,
potential clients will shop based on the lowest price…

And when you feel like you have to “go into sales mode” to overcome price objections, it’s always annoying …

How many times have you heard “let me think about it” at the end of a sales call and never heard back from the client?

You’ll get fewer coaching applications because your content sounds like all the other online coaches and doesn’t grab people’s attention…

Retaining your clients is more difficult because if another coach can do it cheaper, clients will jump ship.

On the other hand the in demand specialist coach…

Attracts clients who know coaching isn’t going to be cheap,
and are expecting to pay a premium.

Has people lined up to work together because of their reputation for getting clients great results.

Can confidently charge double or triple what other coaches do without price objections…

Doesn’t need to live on social media because their results do the marketing and selling for them…

And can retain clients for 8+ months because they consistently get results that make clients excited to renew every month.

Inside the Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Specialization you’ll become the expert coach you’re meant to be.

For example, I’ll show you…

How to save hours with new client intakes and client check-ins using the Coaching Toolkit.

The best way to create head turning transformations so clients send you consistent referrals and your monthly income grows.

How to understand a client’s blood chemistry and medications to solve even the toughest client cases in less time.

The only surefire way to become an in demand specialist who’s coaching business is future proofed against the crowded online coaching space.

Discover how to crack the code on hormones and the metabolism to become the coach that clients line up to work with.


I know FNMS will work for you because it’s the same system I used to go from a GENERALIST doing “decent” in my coaching business to a SPECIALIST Who…

  • NHad a three month waitlist of clients waiting to work with me…
  • NTripled my prices without any price objections...
  • NBecame the go to authority on hormones and metabolism in the nutrition coaching space…
  • NSpoke at two fortune 500 companies (like LinkedIn) on optimizing health.
  • NAnd retained over 80% of my clients for a year plus.
Trusted by Hundreds of coaches

The same proven FNMS system has transformed hundreds of coaches into in demand experts that maintain a full roster of clients…

Just like Sarah who doubled her prices, and had to bring on a full time assistant coach because her roster got so full after FNMS.

All because she felt confident and capable as a coach in areas she used to struggle with before!

Here’s what Sarah has to say about FNMS…

And if you’re ready…

To join Sarah and hundreds of coaches like her who rely on FNMS to get every client better results in less time…

While charging 2-3 times more, and retaining clients for 8+ months…

Today’s the day.

I’ll walk you through the specifics in a moment, but first…

Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi, I’m Sam Miller the Founder of Sam Miller Science and The Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialization

But most importantly I’m a dog dad to Buddy, or Mr.B 🐺 as I call him.

Anyways, my journey to becoming an expert in hormones and metabolism started with my own journey…

15+ years ago I suffered a very severe concussion that impacted my endocrine system.

Not only that, but my doctor never explained to me that my concussion would negatively impact my hormones…

Or that my past history of aggressive dieting and intense training would only make the hormonal and metabolic issues worse.

So I carried on like everything was normal until I noticed…

I was sick all the time, I struggled to make progress in the gym, and to make matters worse I felt exhausted, and was a shell of my former self.

I knew something was wrong so I kept going back to the doctor to speak with specialists, and get tests done.

After spending $8,000 out of my own pocket on an MRI of my pituitary, blood tests, and appointments to get answers…

I was presented with two paths, neither of which I wanted to go down.

First, continue to suffer and feel like a shell of myself…

Or second, be on medication for the rest of my life, but the truth is I knew there was another way.

As these issues were reaching their worst I was also itching to launch my fitness and nutrition coaching business…

Which I’m sure you know is stressful enough on its own!

But, it’s funny how sometimes a frustrating deadend can turn into an entirely new path for us as coaches.

I realized that if I wanted to find the answers to my problems I’d need to discover them on my own…

I went back to the drawing board and started to read textbooks on human nutrition and metabolism, and took advanced college and professional level courses.

Late nights and early mornings were spent reading studies on Pubmed.

I spent thousands of dollars to consult with and be mentored by experts in nutrition, PhD’s in physiology, MD’s endocrinology, and practitioners in functional medicine.

I learned how to look at blood work differently and go beyond the conventional labs I had previously to dig deeper into potential issues.

And then one day the puzzle pieces came together.

I realized that the complex problems I was dealing with were caused by hormonal and metabolic dysfunction…

And it wasn’t going to be fixed by typical mainstream fitness advice.

So I started testing everything I learned about hormones and metabolism on myself…

I was my own client — and a science experiment at the same time.

Improvements weren’t immediate, but there was a noticeable difference.

After six months of using this style of intervention my symptoms were trending in the right direction and my lab markers improved.

Shortly after solving my own issues I noticed something…

More and more nutrition coaching clients were dealing with obstacles unaddressed by mainstream fitness and nutrition advice.

After years of seeing multiple professionals with no answers they felt “broken” and many had given up the hope that they’d ever feel better.

I knew I needed to get these clients’ results.

And offer them a different experience. We started to dig deeper into their issues, got bloodwork done and started to monitor their lifestyle, and stress closely.

I was stepping really far outside my comfort zone, but then something amazing started to happen.

Within 4-6 months of working together, and using this new approach…

The same clients who felt “broken” because nothing ever worked, started to make progress and felt like they were coming back to life…

Over time I started to develop systems, and tools based on specific issues I commonly saw with clients…

Every program was individualized, but we had a starting place to look at the potential root cause of their issues, and start making changes.

Because of my unique skill set I developed a reputation as the coach who could solve complex client cases no other coach could.

…Which is EXACTLY what I want to show you how to do Live in FNMS

And this is when things started to really change for me in my nutrition coaching business.

I went from doing “decent” as a nutrition coach to having a full roster of clients with a three month waitlist.

Due to demand I tripled my prices with no price objections, and retained over 80% of my clients for a year plus.

Over 65% of my new clients came from referrals, and a lot of coaches sent me their complex clients they couldn’t get results for.

One client was even paying me $3,000 per month to coach him on training and nutrition… which many coaches don’t even know is possible for them.

Other coaches started to ask me to train their team of coaches, and I was getting messages from fit pros asking me to mentor them 1 on 1.

When these coaches took what I shared, and started to create head turning transformations for their own clients…

That’s when it hit me that I’d created something special that worked for other coaches too…

Here’s the results those coaches got:

Kayla was able to retain her clients 4x longer with higher prices, and has new clients seeking out her coaching each week . She now coaches other coaches.

Mauro was able to 3x his return on investment from client re-signs, and getting new clients with health issues he can solve.

Kristia was able to fill up her coaching roster with no open slots, and only has two clients who dropped off her roster in 8 months.

Then I realized…

I had connected the dots, and bridged the gap of what was missing for other nutrition coaches.

Everything available to coaches was just teaching them to stay stuck as a GENERALIST coach with a so-so business…

When instead, I knew I’d just created the fastest and easiest way to step into your own power as a SPECIALIST coach.

In reality, I created the mentorship with the knowledge, frameworks and methods that I wish existed when I was looking for answers for myself and my clients.

This is how The Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Specialization was born…

And it’s helped hundreds of coaches just like you to become specialist coaches who’s expertise is in demand so you can…
  • NGet every client better results in less time by using the FNMS models and frameworks.
  • NBecome an in demand coach, that has clients lined up to work with you based on your expertise in hormones, metabolism and gut health.
  • NRetain clients for 8+ months because of the results you’re getting consistently delivering and quality of life improvements.
  • NConfidently 2-3x your coaching rates without price objections.
  • NAnd use proven systems to coach more clients with less overwhelm as your client roster grows.

But, I’d like to be clear about something…

FMNS students and myself aren’t unicorns.

The systems, frameworks, tools and intimate support we offer inside the FNMS program can help any nutrition coach to…

  • Build the confidence to tackle complex client cases that other
    coaches don’t fully understand, or know how to solve…
  • Stand out from the crowded online coaching space because of your expertise in unique topics…
  • Spend less time on client programs and check-ins while delivering better results to every client…

FNMS helped Kayla retain her clients 4x longer while getting new clients on a weekly basis due to her reputation.

As an in demand expert she feels confident in areas most coaches don’t fully understand, or feel comfortable trying to solve.

Here’s what Kayla has to say about the program:

 And what Kayla learned in FNMS is exactly what my team and I are going to share with you so you can discover…

  • NWhy you don’t need to live on social media, and instead can have your results do the marketing and selling for you...
  • NHow to have clients excited to renew with you every month because of the results you’re getting them...
  • NWhat it’s like to have other coaches asking you for advice, and sending you clients they can’t help.
  • NThe quickest and easiest way to solve complex client issues around PCOS, Gut Health, Hormones, Metabolic Resistance and much more.

Even if you don’t feel confident solving complex client cases right now…

Regardless of how long you’ve been a nutrition coach for …

And no matter how many other certifications or self study nutrition courses you’ve taken in the past…

Which is why I’m excited to invite you to join…

The Functional Nutrition And Metabolism Specialization

In 16 Weeks Become An In Demand Coach That Solves Complex Problems, Retains Clients 4 Times Longer, All While Doubling Your Rates…

By Simply Using The Systems, Frameworks & Methods Provided in FNMS.

This is for you

Whether you’re a nutrition coach who has only been in the trenches for a few years, or a more seasoned vet who has been doing this for a while…

If you feel stuck and blocked as a generalist this is the fastest way and easiest way to become a specialist coach.

You’ll get every client better results in less time, while doubling your rates and retaining clients for 8+ months with FNMS.

You’ll get access to me and a team of multiple veteran coaches to help you solve tough client cases, and develop better programs without just having them be your best guess.

We are in the trenches of your coaching business with you troubleshooting, and supporting you every step of the way.

On top of that by implementing the systems, tools and frameworks you get inside FNMS you’ll be able to…

Build the confidence to solve complex client cases on your own…

You’ll be able to work with more clients without getting overwhelmed because your program design and client check-ins will take less time…

And you’ ll have clients lined up and waiting to work with you based on
your expertise in nutrition, hormones, metabolism and gut health.

What’s Inside…

Here’s What You Get In The Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialization

Live Weekly Calls With Sam and the FNMS Team

These calls give you private support and expert troubleshooting any client cases, developing client programs, or answering questions you have about how to implement what you’ve learned. We offer multiple calls each week at different days & times.

Valued at $8,000 for 16 weeks.

Shortened Learning Curve With A Community

You get quick answers and help troubleshooting client issues daily from FNMS coaches and myself inside the group. Also learning from other students’ client cases is like a cheat code that keeps you from making mistakes, and saves you time, energy and money.

Valued at $3,000 for 16 weeks.

FNMS Specialization Credential

You’ll walk away with the credentials and “letters” after your name to showcase your new knowledge and coaching skills as a nutrition and metabolism specialist.

Valued at $2,000

FNMS First Step Video Lessons

These primer video lessons fill in any knowledge gaps you may have in adaptive physiology, the endocrine system and foundational concepts in hormones and metabolic health. You also get coaching forms and sheets so you can start using what you’re learning right away with your clients in the first week.

Valued at $1,000

FNMS Core Curriculum

You get in depth video lessons on 21 subjects that include Mapping Metabolism, Men’s and Women’s Hormones, Blood Chemistry and Labs, Gut Health and how to interpret Research and Evidence. Every lesson comes with a shorter recap to give you cliff notes, and a practical application video explaining how to use what you just learned with clients. We have also recently added 8+ business education modules to aid our students.

Valued at $4,500

Coaching coordinator Program Check Ins & communication

You’ll have streamlined access to an FNMS coach who will check in with you to make sure you’re staying on track with your FNMS Student Success Path while fully understanding and implementing the material you’re learning.

Valued at $3,000 for 16 weeks.

Bonus Trainings And Workshops

To help every FNMS student become a true in demand expert there’s bonus trainings and recorded workshops that cover special topics like troubleshooting lost cycles after birth control, gut health and supplementation.

Valued at $750

FNMS Specialty Trainings and call library

This allows you to dive into any previous coaching session or client-case study, and see how a program was developed to get results. These sessions also include coaching and business FAQ’s.

Valued at $2,500

Get These Bonuses Included inside of FNMS

BONUS: The Metabolism Manual

This gives you a deeper dive on how metabolic function impacts your clients results (especially chronic dieters) and how to use the P3 Model to help them achieve better physical changes.

Valued at $47

BONUS: The Hormone blueprint

This gives you the roadmap to understand how to optimizing your clients hormones through lifestyle, training and nutrition while also giving you some of Sam’s time-tested coaching tools

Valued at $97

BONUS: 20+ FNMS Reference Guides

A shortcut to solving client cases such as: PCOS, Blood Chemistry, Pregnancy, Hashimoto’s, Gut, Menopause, Nigh Shift Work, Thyroid and much more!
(Supplement Guide Pictured)

Valued at $1497

The total Value of The Functional Nutrition And Metabolism Specialization Program is: $26,421

But don’t worry, the investment to join FNMS isn’t anywhere near that, not even half of that.

I’m doing this because I want to do my part to help as many coaches succeed as possible.

The reality is, when I used to do 1 on 1 mentorship for teaching FNMS concepts and nutrition coaching for professionals it was over $3,000 per month, and didn’t include anywhere close to what’s in FNMS.

Getting this level of support, weekly check ins, troubleshooting client cases and helping you create client program isn’t available anywhere outside of FNMS.

“In fact, if FNMS doesn’t help you solve any client’s case, then my team and I will work with you hands on and personally solve that client’s case FOR YOU”

If for whatever reason you can’t solve a complex client’s case using what you’ve learned in FNMS during the program…

Then my team and I will personally solve the client case for you, and help
you create the program until that client is seeing results.

No questions asked, or additional charges.

This type of 1 on 1 support and hands on help from my team and I
isn’t available to anyone outside FNMS.

I’m offering this because I’m committed to helping you become an in demand coach, and seeing your business grow.

And if that means the FNMS coaches and myself need to roll up our sleeves, grab a cold brew coffee and get to work… we have you covered.

But here’s why I’m certain FNMS will over deliver on everything I’ve promised…

Just, look at EVERYTHING you get inside The Functional Nutrition And Metabolism Specialization:

Quick Note:

Every section and module of FNMS comes with an in depth video, a quick review of key concepts, and a practical application video lesson. We also introduce you to any relevant lab tests or functional markers that correspond with that section topic..

This allows you to get a quick summary of each topic for a client’s case, and know exactly how to apply what you learned with clients quickly.

FNMS Content

First Steps Primer Education

Adaptive Physiology and Mapping Metabolism

In order to bridge the gap between macros, metabolism, and functional medicine we first must learn about metabolism and the body’s adaptive physiology. This section introduces full body systems and primes students to understand how an adaptive physiological response can impact client health and the pursuit of their goals.

Stress, HPA Axis Function, The Endocrine System

HPA axis dysfunction has become an increasingly popular area of curiosity amongst coaches and health practitioners as more clients and patients struggle with day to day energy levels and stress management.

Module two focuses on cortisol, circadian rhythm, and HPA axis function while also introducing the ramifications of perceived, circadian, inflammatory , and glycemic stress.

Thyroid, HPT Axis, and Energy Management

Thyroid and its relationship to metabolic rate is important as it contributes to energy balance, but there are additional implications that we need to understand for optimal health, aesthetics, and performance.⁣ 

This module teaches essential principles of thyroid health and unpacks why sub-clinical thyroid function and hypothyroidism are such prevalent issues in modern society.

FNMS Downloads: Books, Sheets, and Tools

The First Steps Primer Education Section is Where You Will Find Some of Sam & the Team’s Favorite Tools, Forms, and E-Books for FNMS! 

Core Curriculum

Reproductive Hormones and Physiology

FNMS includes (2) sections on reproductive hormones in order to teach both men’s and women’s reproductive physiology. This includes the science and function of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and related markers! Topics of conversation include cycle health, infertility, low T, hormone imbalance, and more

Gut Health I: Troubleshooting Digestive Dysfunction

FNMS includes ample discussion of gut-centric concepts including troubleshooting digestion, elimination protocols, and supplementation with a focus on lifestyle change + stress management. Students learn the science of “gut health” and digestion, while also learning indications of potential dysfunction and action steps for supporting individuals with digestive complaints.

Blood Chemistry (Optimal Interpretation vs. Western Ranges)

In this section students learn the value of serum lab testing and the difference between using serum blood chemistry analysis for preventive health purposes and lifestyle optimization versus the conventional western medicine interpretation for sick care. FNMS students learn about the most useful markers and testing methods for practical application in the trenches.

Research and Evidence

FNMS is built using the latest research as well as practical application and clinical experience. Understanding research allows professionals to troubleshoot cases and create better content for their business. In this section students learn the different types of research & evidence used to evaluate hypothesis related to nutrition, metabolism, and hormones. We also compare the weight of different types of evidence, center of mass, and considerations for future independent study after FNMS.  

Insulin Resistance, Energy Management, and Metabolic Syndrome

Learn to manage blood sugar, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. This is not limited to overweight or obese clients! Many individuals also experience cortisol-induced insulin resistance. Here, we cover the science of fuel homeostasis and fasted vs. fed state physiology (the hormones released when we eat vs. the hormones released when we fast). This section includes education on the hormones insulin, glucagon, and other important aspects of blood sugar regulation.

Advanced Women's Health: PCOS and Reproductive Dysfunction

PCOS is a topic of growing concern and millions of women are impacted by PCOS and infertility. This section teaches the science of PCOS as well as underlying root-cause considerations often missed by conventional western approaches.

Inflammation & Immune System Function

After learning about the endocrine system and the gut, FNMS students learn about inflammation and the immune response as part of their preparation and education for Auto-Immune Client Coaching and Protocols.

This science also applies to immune system activity related to infections, viruses, etc.

Auto Immune Conditions: Hashimotos, RA, Lupus, MS and More

An increasing number of women are impacted by auto-immune related conditions and it is imperative for health professionals to understand the science and strategy for managing auto-immunity. This in depth training helps coaches and practitioners become proficient in coaching Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and other more debilitating auto-immune diseases.

The Dutch Test

In 2021, Dutch test education was added to FNMS by popular demand. While FNMS places a strong emphasis on serum lab interpretation and utilization for the purposes of nutrition, training, and lifestyle change the Dutch test can often be implemented in cases of PCOS, Peri-Menopause, Post Birth Control, and other special circumstances. 

Gut Health II: Bacterial Markers & Interpretation

After learning the basics of gut health, the microbiome, and digestive dysfunction in the first gut section, we move on to explore bacterial markers of interest, as well as testing methods (this section includes the situational use pros/cons and pitfalls of GI Map, GI effects, and more) 

Specialty Trainings

Pre, Peri, and Post-Menopause

The hormonal fluctuations during menopause can make it challenging for women to gain traction with their health, fitness, and nutrition plans. This module teaches the science of the hormonal changes that occur as well as practical application for health professionals working with this demographic. 

Troubleshooting Lost Cycles and Birth Control

One of the most popular topics of the past decade is hormonal contraceptives and birth control. An additional hot topic is restoring menstrual cycle function after the cycle is lost. FNMS includes education on both topics.

Nutrition, Training, and the Menstrual Cycle

New research (as recent as 2022) shows the potential differences in client responses during the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle. The video reviews the latest research and unpacks practical takeaways for beginner, intermediate, and advanced clients.

HRT + Common Client Medications

FNMS includes video content on what coaches and practitioners should watch for in clients who are prescribed (or need) hormone replacement therapy by their physician. FNMS includes content on the science behind these interventions, as well as myths and misconceptions. There is also an additional video in the core curriculum that instructs coaches what to look for in intake forms and what those medications mean in terms of past client lifestyle, nutrition, and health history related concerns.

Pregnancy Physiology (Hormones + Nutrition)

By popular demand FNMS now includes a video lecture on the science of hormones during pregnancy hormones as well as potential micronutrient considerations that women should discuss with their OBGYN during pregnancy.

Movement as Medicine (Training + Movement)

In addition to nutrition and lifestyle serving as key movers in client protocols, understanding the role of movement on glycemic regulation, digestion, and inflammation is paramount.

Evidence Based Supplementation

There’s no shortage of potential supplements to choose from, but not all supplements are impactful additions to client protocols. This video is accompanied by an 18 page supplement reference guide.

FNMS Success stories

Don’t just take My word for it though, here’s what our fnms students are saying:


Here’s How It Works When You Apply Today:

Step 1

Apply today

Apply today and book a call to see if you’re a good fit for FNMS (don’t worry this isn’t some high pressure sales call.)

Step 2

Your Invitation

If you’re a good fit I’ll invite you to join FNMS and make an investment to secure your spot in this cohort. We’ll only make the offer if your goals are aligned with what we offer and can truly benefit. (Based on availability)

Step 3

Get Access

You’ll get access to FNMS First Steps within 48 hours of joining and Book a Kickoff Call with an FNMS Coaching Coordinator.

Step 4

Get Started

Get started studying the FNMS First Steps Modules, Download Bonus Resources and start using your FNMS student success path (along with action steps from your kickoff call)

Step 5

Core Curriculum

When you finish the FNMS First Steps Module that unlocks the Core Curriculum with all the live zoom meetings, reference guides, manuals and extra trainings.

Step 6

Join The Community 

Join the Private Facebook Group community, and put the weekly Live Zoom meetings in your calendar.

Step 7


Go through the Modules in order (without skipping sections) as they build on each other to create the most comprehensive curriculum possible.

Step 8

3-4 Hours Per Week

Set aside 3-4 hours per week to watch modules, get help troubleshooting client cases, and attend/watch the weekly sessions.

Step 9


Implement what you learn in each module with clients, and use our checklists, program, and systems to become an in demand coach!


Here’s How It Works When You Apply Today:

Step 1

Apply today

Apply today and book a call to see if you’re a good fit for FNMS (don’t worry this isn’t some high pressure sales call.)

Step 2

Your Invitation

If you’re a good fit I’ll invite you to join FNMS and make an investment to secure your spot in this cohort. We’ll only make the offer if you’re goals are aligned with what we offer and can truly benefit.

Step 3

Get Access

You’ll get access to FNMS First Steps within 48 hours of joining.

Step 4

Get Started

Get started studying the FNMS First Steps Modules, and you’ll complete your first check in with your coaching education coordinator.

Step 5

Core Curriculum

When you finish the FNMS First Steps Module that unlocks the Core Curriculum with all the bonuses, and extra trainings

Step 6

Join The Community 

Join the Private Community, and put the weekly Live Zoom meetings in your calendar.

Step 7


Go through the Modules in order as they build on each other, and skipping modules will leave holes in your knowledge and skills

Step 8

3-4 Hours/Day

Set aside 3-4 hours per week to watch modules, get help troubleshooting client cases, and attend/watch the weekly sessions.

Step 9


Implement what you learn in each module with clients, and use the checklists, tools, and systems to become an in demand coach!


Here are a few ways that FNMS is different from other programs:


  • NFNMS turns you into an in demand coach who stands out because of your expertise, and can command higher prices.
  • NVideo lessons with multiple live weekly calls to get instructor guidance and help troubleshooting client cases.
  • NYou'll have multiple instructors plus your own coaching coordinator, and extra support via live weekly calls and in the private group.
  • NWe pride ourselves on answering EVERY student's question inside the private group within hours.
  • NWe teach the science, and how to apply it to your clients complex cases to get them results quicker.
  • NFNMS coaches and myself are hands on in helping you to solve tough client cases and giving you the blueprint and tools to do it on your own.
  • NFNMS gives you an elite coaching tool belt that allows you to look at hormones, metabolism, gut health, lifestyle considerations, medications, bloodwork, insulin resistance and much more to keep getting clients results.
  • NFNMS helps you understand the whole body as a system and how energy balance impacts hormones, metabolism and other client issues.
  • NThe innovative methods, systems and programming we teach can’t be found anywhere else, only inside FNMS.
  • N85% of FNMS alumni don’t enroll in any other science or nutrition based courses afterwards.

Other Programs:

  • KMakes you a generalist coach who blends in with the rest of the coaches online, and charges low prices.
  • KSelf study video lessons only.
  • KNo real support or accountability.
  • KNo instructor guidance or access
  • KCommunity consists of inexperienced coaches and “the blind leading the blind”
  • KDon’t teach how to apply the science to clients' programming to get results.
  • KZero hands on help troubleshooting tough client issues.
  • KDon’t give you tools to use when food quality, supplements, calories and macros stop working.
  • KNo mention of basic nutrition principles like energy balance.
  • KGives you information that is being taught everywhere, and could be found on google.
  • KLeaves you looking for other courses and programs to fill in the knowledge gaps you’re missing.

Meet The Experts That Will Be Coaching You Inside FNMS:



Sam Miller is a best selling author in the field of nutrition and metabolism and is the founder of the Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialization inside of Metabolism School, a leading continuing education program for health, fitness, and nutrition professionals. He is a coach, mentor, author, and podcast host and has more than 15+ years of experience including, but not limited to working with hundreds of coaches, overseeing thousands of clients in their health and fitness journey, and being a featured keynote speaker at Fortune 500 companies and social media giants like LinkedIn.

In addition to his time in the trenches, Sam received his Master’s Degree from North Carolina State University and Bachelors degree from Elon University in North Carolina. First certified to coach in 2007, Sam has gone on to achieve more advanced credentials and certifications ranging from the industry leading CISSN designation in sports nutrition, to also becoming a board certified and credentialed practitioner focused on functional and integrative health as well as advanced diagnostic testing (CISSN, AADP, HHP, FNMS). In simple terms, this means finding the root cause of health issues and deploying nutrition, movement, and lifestyle as the solution.

Sam has been featured as an instructor for three separate industry leading certifications and has also served as a “behind the scenes” industry resource consulting for professional athletes, influencers, private equity firms, ESPN & UFC executives as well as IFBB Olympians (Professional Physique Competitors). Outside of his contributions to his own brand he has been a writer or featured guest expert for Elite FTS, T-Nation, Barbell Shrugged, Active Life RX, Primal Health Brands, and More.


MSc (Nutritional Biochemistry), Bs, FNMS

When it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition Brian has seen all sides of the game.

From his own personal health journey to his advanced studies in Biology, Biochemistry, and Biomedicine he has an obsession with the minutia of the body and how it interacts with every external input without losing focus on how it all applies to the bigger picture.

He received his undergraduate in Biology from UNCG and his master’s from the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

Besides mastering the intricacies of nutrition and biochemistry Brian also loves music and was once in a touring band – he’s also played classical guitar at weddings and other events.

Brian is our lead coaching education coordinator and co-instructor for FNMS and also serves an important role on the metabolism school team when it comes to research, client case studies, and student support.

Still Wondering If FNMS Is For You?

See what coaches just like you have to say…

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “What makes FNMS different from other programs, certifications or or mentorships?”

My team and I aren’t just teaching the science of nutrition, hormones,
metabolism and gut health, then leaving you to figure it out on your own.

We’re actually in the trenches of your coaching business with you…

Helping you solve tough client cases, and giving you the tools and frameworks to do it on your own as an in demand coach.

The support, feedback, and hands-on teaching inside FNMS is unmatched
when it comes to mentorships and certifications.

Question: “What if FNMS doesn’t help me solve my client’s case?”

Then my team and I will solve the client case for you, and help you to create their program…

No questions asked or additional charges.

This type of hands on support and hands on help from my team and I isn’t available to anyone outside FNMS.

Question: “Who is the FNMS Program for?”

The FNMS mentorship is for someone who’s willing to invest their time,
money, and energy into becoming the best coach possible.

Quick side note…

If you’re just getting started as a coach, and only have a few clients then FNMS may not be a good fit.

It’s not a cheap mentorship, and I don’t want it to be a financial
strain on you.

Question: “Do you offer a payment plan?”

Yes, we offer a payment plan and a paid-in-full option as well. We also partner with outside financial institutions for students needing additional support via extended payment options and/or flexible student financing and repayment.

Question: “Will this help me with my business?”

Aside from improving client results, retention, and referrals (all of which drive revenue), FNMS has recently expanded to include 8+ additional training videos for business-specific considerations as well as additional Q+A’s and guest speakers to improve the student experience.

We have also partnered with leading technology, supplement, and lab providers to allow FNMS students to create additional income opportunities and to save money on common coaching expenses (such as software and client systems).

These additions are designed to save coaches money, reduce churn (lost money), and create valuable industry connections that would otherwise take a lot of time and money to access.

Question: “How much time do I need each week, and what if I miss a live call?”

We’ve found that carving out 3 to 4 hours each week for FNMS is plenty for
anyone to study, ask questions and implement what they’ve learned.

Students typically find that FNMS gives them a minimum of 60 minutes back in
their weekly client check-ins by week 4 due to daily support and the level of education obtained by month 1 of the program.

All live calls are recorded and uploaded within 24-48 hours so you can watch any calls you missed and get the support you need.

We’ve had students from around the world including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe go through FNMS and thrive in their coaching business.

If you’re ready to become an in demand coach that clients seek out because of your expertise and reputation…

But is FMNS Right For You?

FNMS Is For You If:

  • NYou value lifelong learning as a coach and health professional.
  • NYou have a baseline certification or degree.
  • NYou have more than just a handful of clients, and have already spent hours in the trenches coaching clients.
  • NYou are open to learning and challenging your biases to become a better coach who gets clients life changing results.
  • NYou understand that a big part of becoming an in demand coach is far more extensive and detailed than macro adjustments, and client check in emails.
  • NYou know that there’s more to the story than calories, macros and food quality. And you want to deliver a world class client experience.
  • NYou understand that FNMS is not a weekend certification or seminar, but instead a 16 week mentorship that requires more of an investment than other programs.

FNMS Is Not For You If:

  • KYou’re a health enthusiast who aspires to be a coach one day.
  • KYou don’t have any previous nutrition certifications or degrees.
  • KYou have less than 5 clients, and are just getting started as a coach.
  • K You think you know everything there is to know about client transformations and coaching.
  • KYou think that just updating calories or macros, and sending a single sentence reply to clients is comprehensive coaching.
  • KYou’re unwilling to consider that your client’s issues go much deeper than calories, macros or food quality.
  • KYou are looking for a cheap self study course, and you’re unable to invest four figures to grow your business and become an expert coach.

Join FNMS Now!

I’m excited to see you inside the Functional Nutrition And Metabolism Specialization community!

Talk soon,


It’s also worth mentioning here that due to current demand and roster availability we are limited to onboarding only 7 students per week (1 student per day on average). This preserves the quality and integrity of the program while preventing an over-saturation of FNMS professionals in the market. 

One last thing, if you decide NOT to join FNMS consider the opportunity cost of time being wasted on struggling to solve complex client cases on your own…

The money lost by having clients quit when they stop seeing results, and staying stuck charging less than your coaching is worth.

If you want to become an in demand coach that retains clients 4x longer while doubling your prices, and getting every client better results in less time…

Then I’d recommend applying to join FNMS below to make that happen before the price increases by $1,000.